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WIRFY Author Testimonials

Ash Patel eBook Editing Project

Ash Patel:
eBook Editing Project

Ash Patel: Author and Entrepreneur, New Zealand
Project: Editing

“Pamela exceeded well beyond my expectations in every respect and going the proverbial “extra mile” seems to be her forte’. I was so impressed by her work, professionalism, friendly & personal approach, I hired her twice and look forward to working with her again. I can’t recommend this friendly, yet VERY professional service provider enough. All I can say is give her a try and you’ll not only be glad, you will have made one of the best decisions.”

Ash Patel
Author, Entrepreneur
Citizen of Planet Earth

Chez Raginiak: Author and Speaker

Chez Raginiak: Author and Speaker, Minnesota
Project: Editing and Project Management

“In my business of professional speaking I talk to my clients about the importance of creating a fabulous first impression. As it turns out it counts for about 1/3 of our success, so … don’t ignore it :>. Recently, it occurred to me that FIRST IMPRESSION happens not only face-to-face but also phone-to-phone (or ear-to-ear, if you wish :>) and even email-to-email.
Well, from the very first email I received from Pamela (when I was looking for help with translating my second book to more languages) to the very last one, she impressed me with her kindness, precision, professionalism, and respect for deadlines.
She is a joy to work with, a rose in a bouquet of millions of other editors, and a true professional.
I highly recommend her services. When you work with her, you may not only end up with a great product, you may also make a life-long friend… like I did.

Chez Raginiak
Award-winning Speaker & Author of My Escape To Freedom and Learn English Without Teachers
Co-founder of Kids’ Express Train, LLC – www.expresstrain.org
President of 1Moment, LLC – http://www.1moment.us

Rev. Dr. Jim Holley, Pastor, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur

Rev. Dr. Jim Holley: Pastor, Author, Speaker, Detroit MI

Project: Ghostwriting, Manuscript Editing, Article Writing

These guys are truly professionals in every sense of the word. I have been using their services for years, and they always deliver on time. And I don’t think I can even recall a time when I wasn’t pleased with the work. If I ever had a question or suggestion, whatever, we were always able to work it out. I highly recommend WIRFY to anybody who is serious about wanting the job done right the first time.

—Rev. Jim Holley, Ph.D.
Pastor, Little Rock Baptist Church http://www.littlerock-baptist.org
Detroit, MI

Dr. John Telford, Author and Educator

Dr. John Telford: Author, Speaker, Retired Educator Detroit MI

Project: Book Promotion, Social Media, Book Review

I honestly don’t know what I would have done without these guys. As anyone who has ever written a book can attest to, there is far more to it than just finishing the last page. And these days so much needs to be done in terms of social networking if you really want to do all you can to promote your work. Well, I must admit that I know virtually nothing about social networking. I guess I’m what you’d call old school. And that’s where WIRFY came in, because they know so much about this whole phenomenon and how to use it to help market your work. What they have done in terms of enhancing my web page and so many other things has just been phenomenal. But what I think I appreciated the most was that they took such a personal interest in my work. It wasn’t just a job for them. They really cared about my book, and that means the world to me.”

Dr. John Telford
Author, “A Life on the Run” http://lifeontherunbook.com

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