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Nov 07

Who or Whom? (Updated)

Who or Whom?

No, this is not an owl impression.  These are two words so similar, they’ve sparked debate among the most esteemed of writers and educators. They are also very often misused by the general population.

Even though “whom” sounds very formal, there are specific rules for its use. Whom is a pronoun that refers to someone not directly in the conversation or statement.

It is also a pronoun used as the “object” of a sentence, that is, it is usually used with a directing preposition. “To whom does this belong?” “To whom it may concern:” “With whom did you speak the last time you were here?” Notice that when using “whom”, the person is usually unknown as well as not present.

“Who” can be used as the subject of a sentence or question: “Who are you?”  “Do you know who is coming tonight?”

“Who” can also be used as a function word to introduce a subject, “my father, who is a lawyer, never reacted badly to stress”. There is another version of who, that like whom, can be used when asking a question.  “Whoever broke the vase is in big trouble.”

“Who” should always be used in place of “that” when referring to people. “There are many people who enjoy family celebrations.” “There are many of us who are waiting for the movie to start.”

“That” is used for inanimate objects and non-persons. “These are the dogs that are available for adoption.”

Whom Fun Fact:  Did you know writers the world over for a long time (1870 to present day), thought that usage of the word whom would disappear as it’s mostly familiar in Shakespearean and, even older, a biblical turn of phrase.  However, this debate is still ongoing.

“It Matters How You Say It!”

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Apr 29

A Copywriter for Your Copyright

Writing It Right For YouJust about everyone knows what a “copyright” is: an exclusive government protection for the works of an author, musician, and so on. If you write anything in print, audio, video, etc., you can apply for copyright protection against people copying your work and passing it off as their own. When you have that protection, your work is copyrighted. But what if you need effective marketing messages for your print, audio, video, website or blog? You really need a professional who understands how words affect people’s responses and actions. You really need a copywriter. A professional copywriter can help small business owners fine-tune their marketing copy to stay competitive in today’s business climate. There are so many variables to consider: website copy, sales materials, advertisements, social media marketing, email marketing, case histories; the list goes on and on. A professional copywriter does much more than “write copy”. An experienced copywriter excels at using words to inform and persuade the reader. A gifted copywriter will help your marketing materials yield results for you: clicks to your website; sales into your e-cart; phone calls to your office; etc. A professional copywriter cannot secure a copyright for you, however. The writers at Writing It Right For You are talented and experienced people, but we are not lawyers! If you need material you authored to be copyrighted, click over to the United States Copyright Office. When you need marketing materials that are professionally written to sell your products or services, educate people about your business, and indice your readers to action, contact the professionals at Writing It Right For You.

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