intense or intensive?

QuestioningThese two adjectives are very similar, so who do you know when to use which? It really is rather easy, and just may take some practice.

Emotions are intense.

Actions are intensive.

Intense describes qualities and conditions that come from within.

Intensive describes the degree of an outside influence.

Can you use each word in a complete sentence?

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Dictionary, Lexicon, or Glossary? Which is Which?

Question PersonAlmost everyone has used a dictionary at some time or another:

A dictionary is a reference book that contains the pronunciations, meanings, part of speech, history, and correct spellings of most of the words of a language.

glossary is a specialized vocabulary list, and usually does not contain any other information except for the definitions of the words.

lexicon is similar to a glossary, but the words, along with their definitions, are arranged in alphabetical order. “Lexicon” is also considered to be a more formal and less-used term for a “dictionary”.


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You’ve Written It…Now You Need an Editor

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Writers and Editors Make a Great Team!










Whew! It’s done! But wait…writing your book, article, eBook, sales page, web copy is only the first step.

Now your masterpiece needs to be professionally proofread and edited.

Proofreading is the process of checking for typos, spelling errors, incorrect punctuation, etc.

Detailed line editing includes a total grammar check, ensuring continuity, matching tenses, complete plot or story line, and overall organization.

It is a true fact that you cannot edit your own work. Your mind subconsciously
“fills in” missing words, punctuation, sentences, and even whole ideas you meant to include.

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