Empathy or Sympathy?

Question PersonEmpathy and sympathy are similar, but not the same. When to use which word depends on the context.

*empathy* means the ability to better understand a person’s or point of view because you yourself have experienced something similar.

*sympathy* means feeling compassion for another’s person’s feelings or point of view although you have probably not been in the same situation or same place.

According to dictionary.com, you feel empathy when you’ve “been there”, and you feel “sympathy” when you haven’t “been there” (literally or figuratively).

If you need help with confusing word pairs, the awesome writers and editors at Writing It Right For You can emphasize! We’ve been there! We can also sympathize and we’re ready to work with you!

What word pairs confuse you? Let us know in the comments section!


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The English Language is So Much Fun! (Or is it…)

I found this graphic on my Facebook Page (posted by “Grammarly”) and I just HAD to share it with you!

What English words drive YOU crazy? Let us know in the comments section.

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Stationary or Stationery? Which One When?

Question PersonHere’s another word pair that is often confusing for people. These words are called homophones–which mean they sound alike (same sound), but have different meanings.

*  stationary (with an a) is a verb which means still, not moving, in one place.

*  stationery (with an e) is a noun that names the paper used for formal written communication–either personal or business.

For a high-tech way to remember which word to use when, remember that you use email to send digital communication and stationery for hand-written or printed formal communication.

The professional writing and editing team at Writing It Right For You is ready to help you with any projects–confusing or not!

Are there any other homophones that confuse you? Let us know in the comments section!


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The Importance of Monthly Business Planning–What I Use

It is the first day of the month, which is the best time for you to take a few hours and make your plans for your business for the upcoming month. It is said that you cannot hit your target if you don’t know what your target is!

Do you know:

* How well did you achieve your goals last month?

* What do you have to change, revise, re-configure so that you will achieve your goals this month?

* What ARE your goals this month?

The time that you take to PLAN NOW, will definitely pay off tomorrow, next week, and next month.

Those of you who follow me and Writing It Right For You know that I LOVE gadgets and apps, but sometimes, some good old-school paper and pen make the best planning tools. I use the productivity planners from Charlie Gilkey, a small business productivity specialist. On his website, Productivity Flourishing, there is a whole suite of paper planners that you can print out for free! There is also a premium planner set that you can purchase–that is the set I use. Every month, I print out my planners and take a few hours to plan out my month. Thanks, Charlie!





Do you take the time to regularly plan for your business success? Do you have any favorite tools (digital or paper) that you prefer? Let us know in the comments section!


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