Title Capitalization

Situation: Student receives draft of Political Science paper back, complete with seemingly endless little red marks.  The problem, improper recognition of people’s titles.  Before turning in the final draft for a grade, see this post!

There are several rules to consider when capitalizing:

  • Mail: Capitalize a title when it comes behind a name on the signature or address line.
  • Government: Capitalize high-ranking official’s titles when used with their names or placed before the name.
    • If the name is not used, don’t capitalize.
  • General: Capitalize when addressing directly, even if no name is mentioned.

Using these simple rules,  you can show Professor So-and-So that you know what’s what!

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-ce vs. –se

(Translation: nouns vs. verbs)

If you’ve ever run across identical twins you know they are hard to tell apart, but are two very individual souls.  This metaphor translates to the nouns and verbs that are spelled similarly.


  • advise/advice
  • devise/device

Normally, the verb will be spelled with ‘s’ and the noun with ‘c’.  Remember this rule and the dilemma should be solved.  And never EVER mix Ashley and Alexis up again!

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