Grant Writing and RFP Submission Services

Writing It Right For You (WIRFY) is able to assist you and your organization with the applications for various grants and the responses to Requests for Proposals. Our highly skilled and experienced team of writers and editors understands the detailed processes necessary for researching and writing all if the modules usually included in such documents. Each has had many years of experience working with individuals, private businesses, and non-profit/government organizations and foundations, assisting with formulating the right message and producing the professional documents required.

It is very important to remember that grant or RFP awards are NOT guaranteed–by either WIRFY or by the funding agency. Writing It Right For You assumes no responsibility for financial or funding appropriations, or for any actual projects or organizational activities after the writing of the application or RFP response.

WIRFY Grant Writing Services


Depending on your needs, and after an initial consultation with you, WIRFY can offer a variety of services such as:

  • Researching grant opportunities for your organization.
  • Writing applications and/or proposals to foundations for grants.
  • Responding to Requests for Proposals.
  • Developing business and/marketing plans for your organization.
  • Writing case studies and/or company information sheets for your organization.
  • Reviewing and/or re-writing of a previous or current grant application or RFP.
  • Turn around time for each project ranges from 25-30 business days. If the project completion is scheduled for less that 25 business days, a rush fee will be charged.

WIRFY Compensation Policies for Grant Writing Services


  • Each project and each quote is customized for the client. No “off-the-cuff” pricing will be provided.
  • You will be quoted a total project fee based on the standard WIRFY hourly rate. Depending on the total fee for the project, you will be asked to pay the entire amount up front or a deposit BEFORE work commences. If appropriate, a schedule for the remaining payments will be included in the standard Statement of Work, Project Plan, and signed Contract.
  • It is unethical for a grant writer to accept compensation that is a percentage of your funding.
  • It is unethical for the compensation for grant writing/RFP services to be contingent on the receipt of funding award.
  • WIRFY fees include a specified number of consultations, a specified number of revisions, and 2 or 3 total drafts, depending on the complexity of the project. The client will be required to sign off on all drafts, and the final draft will be submitted by email attachment to the client only after receipt of total fee amount. WIRFY will not be responsible for copying, bending, mailing, or any other hard copy or electronic submission requirements to the funding agency.

Researching and writing grant applications, responses to RFPs, and related document are detailed-oriented and time-consuming projects that take skill and experience to do right the first time. The writing team at Writing It Right For You looks forward to working with you.

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